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Mobile Road Condition Monitor

Mobile Road Condition Monitor2022-05-19T22:35:42+00:00
Salt Sense mobile road condition monitor mounted to a white vehicle

Mobile road and runway real-time condition and weather monitoring.

The sensor measures the optical reflection signals and analyses the data to produce a road surface condition and friction report, including ice/water depth.

Low maintenance2022-04-28T22:08:54+00:00

The system is almost maintenance free, with only cleaning of lenses required to keep the system working as new.

Cost effective monitoring2022-04-28T22:09:44+00:00

With a low purchasing and life cycle costs, the total measurement system provides a very cost-effective way to measure surface conditions.

Install in any vehicle2022-04-28T22:04:42+00:00

Installation is fast and easy in any vehicle thanks to the small physical size, from gritters to passenger vehicles. It’s also easily transferable to another vehicle.

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Road Condition Monitor device in moving vehicle displaying graph

Photograph of monitor in use in a moving vehicle, showing the Android user interface monitoring surface conditions. The yellow line shows surface temperature and the blue line water layer. The number 0.80 is the current friction value.

Road condition monitor screen displaying graph

Screen shot of a cell phone user interface during snowy (grey), icy (red), slushy (magenta), wet (blue) and moist (dark blue) surface conditions. The yellow dots have been measured by an acceleration based Friction Meter installed in the same cell phone.

Sensor features


Mobile friction with an optical remote sensor.


High accuracy and resolution

Resolution of thickness: 0.01 mm, range 0 mm to 5 mm
Accuracy of thickness: 0.10 up to 1.0 mm, 10 % above 1.0 mm
Resolution of friction: 0.01
Accuracy of friction: 0.10 as standard deviation compared to a braking friction reference


Measurement types

  • Surface state
  • Contamination layer thickness
  • Friction


Solid state design

No moving nor wearing parts



Serial RS-232 or Bluetooth



Data communication to a cell phone, PC or other systems



Photographs of the road surface taken manually, at preselected intervals and at preselected locations


Built in RFID

For ease of activating during installation and locating.

Salt Sense mobile road condition monitor

Interested in this system?

Interested in this system?

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