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Stud Road Surface Temperature Sensor

Stud Road Surface Temperature Sensor2022-05-19T22:35:58+00:00
Road stud surface temperature sensor unit

Greatly enhance your weather forecasting information with real-time road surface temperature data.

Each sensor has been designed to offer plug and play simplicity combined with long life, with data analysis via web portal to allow for de-icing decisions at the best time. The sensor offers expansion options and optional capability control sensor nodes via Bluetooth.

Verify forecast information2022-04-28T22:00:21+00:00

Your managers will have clear, unambiguous real-time road surface temperature data to verify your weather forecasts, helping make true informed decisions at the right times.

Make potential savings2022-04-28T22:00:30+00:00

Potentially reduce the cost of winter maintenance activities where forecast is inaccurate and help reduce your administrative costs when dealing with public requests for when and if winter maintenance services were actioned or defending your decisions.

Monitor in real-time2022-04-28T22:00:39+00:00

Use the intuitive online portal to monitor your RST devices, streaming live changes in temperature in each device over time with configurable alerts via email and text message for custom alert thresholds.

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Sensor features


Robust device

Extremely durable – doesn’t suffer common fragility issues associated with other similar systems.


Countersunk design

Enables simple installation flush with road surface.


Uses cellular comms

Compatible with all UK networks, removing need for additional infrastructure.


Secure devices

Micro switch alerts if equipment is tampered with.


Use with 3rd party systems

Azure and AWS supported , allowing data to be fed directly in to existing asset management systems.


Built in RFID

For ease of activating during installation and locating.


Configurable alerts

Provides text/email alerts when sensor reaches certain alert thresholds.


Fully encrypted

Data is encrypted at source, complying with current data security guidelines.



Sensor expansion capability, e,g: noise.

Salt Sense road stud sensor

Interested in this system?

Interested in this system?

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